Arnie's Twelve is Canada's first premium protein beer, designed for your active lifestyle.

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Arnie's was developed because work and play no longer need to be separate.

Founded in 2018, Arnie's was started because we felt that there wasn't a perfect drink after a long run, bike ride, tennis match, or beer league game. We wanted to be able to enjoy ourselves, while still taking care of our bodies. 

As Canada's first protein beer,  Arnie's aids muscle, joint and tendon recovery, while reducing inflammation after physical activity, and is packed with 12g of protein per can.

We believe in pushing boundaries, and making sure to celebrate along the way.

Stuff you should know

Look and Taste

Arnie's Twelve is a Bavarian lager, with rich gold colour and a smooth finish. Perfected by our brewmasters, the protein does not impact the colour or taste. At 4.8%, we're full strength, just like you.

Nutritional Information

Each can of Arnie's Twelve protein beer has 12g protein, 0g sugar, and 11g of carbs, making it the perfect post-activity beverage. The protein we've sourced is the highest-grade hydrolyzed collagen protein available on the market.

All Natural

Arnie's Twelve utilizes all natural ingredients, unlike other beer brands that use corn syrup or other off-label ingredients. We brew with 5 simple ingredients (water, barley malt, hops, yeast, collagen), adhering to the highest standards for brew quality.

Proudly Canadian

Arnie's Twelve protein beer was designed and developed in Toronto, Ontario and is brewed in partnership with Spearhead Brewing in Kingston, Ontario.

Now Available in Toronto

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